t-series and the battle for dominance.

I think most people on the internet have heard of the mega giant known as T-Series. It would be surprising if you hadn’t, I would expect most of people familiar with Youtube spectrum would know this channel. However, as they are now the most subscribed channel on Youtube (as of writing this on the 25th of April 2019), their presence extends to more than online, and into our world.

T-series is actually more than a Youtube channel, founded in 1983, the company was started by Gulshan Kumar, selling pirated Bollywood songs. The company then moved towards producing movies as well as music, and after Gulshan’s death in 1997, his sons Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kuma took over the business.

But why are they so popular? There are few reasons for this. The first is the scope of content of Youtube in India. Social blade shows that the top 30 Youtube channels in India are run by mega corporations promoting music, movies, or nursery rhymes. There is nom diversity of creators or channels run by one person, a megablock of companies who gain millions of views from their content. Because this content is promoted through sponsorship as well, the algorithm favours this content to the front of pages of Indian viewers.

The second is the size of India and its internet users. In recent numbers, around 225 million Indians use Youtube, thats 80% of its internet population. As more people gain access an watch these videos, the millions of views they get are in turn scaled to be the most popular, even trending on international pages.

Another is the amount of content itself, there is an average of 6 videos published each day, with one of the six achieving over 1 million views. These videos are mostly trailers, or music videos. The top 50 videos on their channel all have over 170 million views, with the most popular video Guru Randhawa: Lahore (Official Video) Bhushan Kumar having 715 million views. This is the content that is pushed to India, the content is what they are forced to watch, and because it is music or movies, it is a norm in their country.

The channel Asian Boss recently released a video discussing what Indians thought of T-series, some liked it, some didn’t, but most knew it as a multinational company that produced music and TV at a large scale. The full video also expanded on the Pewdiepie vs T-series battle, as it has become the highlight of the platform today and the present social commentary and atmsophere:

There is an issue with companies being able to have this large of a platform, the future will see no creativity nor diversity. The same is seen in western society, with television engaging in the platform to promote content, gain views, and be the major source of entertainment on the platform. The algorithm plays in their hand, as companies are more favoured to advertisers, thus Youtube will favour them.

Channels such as Pewdiepie are fighting with channels to remain at the top, with constant movement between the two channels as to who will be at the top. Pewdiepie himself does not seem to care as much, but with the recent ban of some of his content filed by T-series to the high court of India shows the power these corporations have.

The future of is somewhat difficult to see. I speculate however they will start to gain more control of what is and isn’t put on the platform through government officials, they have the power and advantage. They do not have control of the western world of Youtube, however, if and when such larger content creators like Pewdiepie leave the platform, T-series may see the eventual control, and demise of creators Youtube itself. It will be when they take control, that Youtube will be the hub for corporations and companies, making itself the new TV.



2 thoughts on “t-series and the battle for dominance.

  1. Kind Mam….. Firstly , I don’t think 225 million is the correct figures showing internet users in India and it’s definitely not 80% of the total population of India. 225 million is not 80% of 1.5 billion (approx) . It’s more than 225 million. Try google. It will give you an approx idea.
    Secondly , High court of India did a great job in banning his songs in India. it was vile in nature against Indians . ” Poo poo in the brain ” , making fun of poverty ( Only a white person can make fun of poverty ) , portraying Indians and India in a bad light . People have supported him because of his donations. They tend to forget that donations are not a character certificate.
    Thirdly , not every creators have best content . Only the best will prevail . Felix’s contents mainly bend towards reading stuffs from reddit or giving reactions on memes . Reactions are not creativity . Reactions are the lest creative topic you can make videos on.
    Fourthly , If people have problem with corporates taking over then why didn’t they raise their voice when vevo or marvel or Disney produces their piece of entertainment in youtube. I haven’t seen any comments regarding corporates in youtube in the comment section of Avenger’s trailer.
    Fifthly , big youtubers like H3H3 didn’t shy away from spreading racism against Indians . Feel free to check his videos in youtube on the topic on Tseries vs Pewdiepie.
    Finally to summarize……couldn’t care less about pewdiepie…by banning him would be a great way to shove the negativity out of India…And still couldn’t care less if his negativity is shown in the west . A country which has 1.5 billion people is a world of it’s own. No need to think what others think about Indians. Sayonara


    1. Hi there, thanks for the comment,
      Firstly, to address the 225 million I think you might be confused. I’m referencing to internet users in India, not the total population of India, so not 255 million being 80% of 1.5 billion but 225 million being 80% of total internet users in India.
      Second, I didn’t really want to discuss Pewdiepie overall and who he is, I wanted to focus mostly on T-series, but my main point is that the fact corporations have power over laws and code in the world should be more frightening, rather than the content itself especially for the future of YouTube. I don’t think a company should dictate laws and censoring online.
      Third I think the same as you, not every creator has good content, it’s subjective, but you can use your same logic to T-series, releasing trailers and music videos not created by tseries itself but by different artists and directors, it’s using content made by others and putting their name on it, you itself could call the least creative if they aren’t editing or doing it themselves.
      Fourthly, people are raising their voices to western corporations being on YouTube, I was planning on releasing a blog later on, this is my first blog, so I will be critical of that point later on. I think many have made videos and blogs on Tv taking over different media platforms, the large corporation Machinina was for years criticised and owned by Disney and recently ceased, which was a win.
      I mostly wanted to discuss T-Series, you can have your opinion on Pewdiepie that’s fine, I personally like him and have points I would discuss but I feel they are better for a blog post, not here, look T-series are able to release videos, there is no problem with that, my main issue is that when they become large and use their influence to change the platform from the outside, then single people will be pushed away, and Youtube could become what television is, both in the East and West, we may have different culture, but the internet is universal and when that platform changes, we all face it.
      Thanks again for commenting and reading through my first post 😊


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