“almost” human – a.i. online

The world of A.I is only a new one. It’s something that has only appeared as reality in the 21st century, being in our computers, our technology, but now it is in our online media. It has become staples of what can be distributed, sold, it has become faces of themselves, being programmed to be a persona. Social media has really taken an interest to certain A.I personas, Hatsune Miku being a prime example, a vocaloid singer who’s whole persona is being A.I. However, in the sphere of internet such as Instagram and Youtube, such personas have taken over, and we ask, how much influence does A.I have?

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the internet becoming tv – youtube premium, facebook and instagram live.

It seems like these days people don’t sit down and watch TV. There is no looking through the TV guide to see when your favourite show is going to be on, it has become the age where we can watch entertainment whenever, wherever. We don’t need a certain time frame or setting to watch what we want, the internet is now our TV, but why?

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t-series and the battle for dominance.

I think most people on the internet have heard of the mega giant known as T-Series. It would be surprising if you hadn’t, I would expect most of people familiar with Youtube spectrum would know this channel. However, as they are now the most subscribed channel on Youtube (as of writing this on the 25th of April 2019), their presence extends to more than online, and into our world.

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This blog is apart of my BCM325 – Future Cultures Digital Artefact. It will discuss different ways online media has change and will continue to change, tackling different topics and highlighting what will become of social media for the future.